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Update on James


It's now 12 years since Standing Up for James was published. The roller coaster of James's early years has continued, although thankfully his life has not been at risk.

In 2014 James's home at Dame Hannah Rogers Trust in Devon was closed by Ofsted for safeguarding reasons . It was the home  I had fought for and had hoped he would be able to stay in for the rest of his life and I was utterly devastated.

James had to be suddenly and temporarily relocated to RNIB Pears school and home in Coventry, but this was not a suitable long term option. Six months later he moved again, to the excellent Seashell Trust in Cheshire, where he went to both the school and college until he was 21. 

In 2021 he finished his education and now lives at the Hollybank Trust in Yorkshire. He continues to live over 100 miles from us.

The search for a full time specialist adult care placement post education was gruelling and frightening, as there is virtually no specialist provision for young adults with disabilities like James.

I will be campaigning to change this.


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